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Well cementing

Cementing the casing is one of the most critical operations, the success of which depends on the durability and further normal operation of the well.
Cementing – securing the casing on the borehole wall and cutting off excess fluids from entering the wellbore by injecting cement slurry through the casing and up the annular gap.
This is the process of pumping cement slurry into the space between the casing and the borehole wall.
The method of cementing is chosen depending on the type of the string run into the drilled hole (solid or liner).

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Well workover

Coil tubing has been used for over 35 years, as a result of which all the declared advantages of this technology have been repeatedly confirmed by its practical use.

Today, the use of equipment of this group for drilling and workover of wells is becoming more and more in demand and widespread. Among all types of equipment in this group, coiled tubing is mastered at the fastest pace.

Against the background of traditional equipment, coiled tubing units have become a real technological breakthrough, significantly increasing the efficiency and economic feasibility of drilling and workover operations. This type of equipment is especially in demand when working in difficult geographic and weather-climatic conditions.

The disadvantage of using coiled tubing units is that it is not capable of ensuring compliance with those high criteria and parameters of work that are characteristic of traditional equipment, which has currently reached its optimal level of development, in all types of work. The expansion of the scope of coiled tubing use is explained not only by the advantages of the equipment, but also by its constant development, due to which coiled tubing strings provide a solution to an increasing number of problems.

Our progress in mastering this service type


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