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DAG DENIZ Company overview

Individual enterprise “Dag-Deniz” is a dynamically developing company in the field of freight transport and logistics in Turkmenistan. The enterprise was founded in 2009 in the Balkan region, Balkanabat, the beginning of its activity was provided by IE “Dag-Deniz” with the provision of services for the transportation of standard cargo, but thanks to the close teamwork of personnel and management, the enterprise is dynamically developing and occupies a leading position among operating enterprises country, today it provides services for the transportation of goods of various types, and a large number of services such as logistics, procurement, real estate, rent and services in the field of oil and gas have been added to the field of activity of the enterprise. Having extensive experience in the above-mentioned industry, IE “Dag-Deniz” has been cooperating for many years with such leading international companies as:

  • «ENI Turkmenistan Ltd.»
  • «Dragon Oil Turkmenistan Ltd.»
  • «Branch of the Halliburton Eurasia Ltd.»
  • «Western Atlas International LLC. (Baker Hughes)»
  • «Weatherford Oil Tools Middle East Turkmenistan»
  • «Globalink Logistics Group Ltd. Turkmenistan»
  • «Caspian Driller Pte Ltd. Turkmenistan Branch»

The enterprise has a branch in Ashgabat, there are also offices in the cities of Khazar, Balkanabat, production and technical bases in the cities of Balkanabat, Khazar and the Burun field of the Balkan region, which are designed for operational management of all processes of the enterprise, maintenance, repair of technical equipment, clear and well-organized response to assigned tasks. Successful experience of cooperation in the field of transport and logistics services allows our company to meet any needs of customers.

In addition to the above services, “Dag-Deniz” individual enterprise also provides such services as:

  • Provision of production bases for rent
  • Implementation of logistic works
  • Local transportation of goods of all sizes and types
  • Transportation of goods of all sizes and types outside of Turkmenistan
  • Loading and unloading works
  • Provision of the necessary special purpose vehicles
  • Customs clearance of export and import cargo

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