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Forwarding is a service that is quite often provided by transport companies. Freight forwarding during transportation is extremely important, because it is this process that allows you to ensure fully the safety of transportation. In terms of its significance and importance, freight forwarding involves a whole range of actions and activities related to the movement of cargo, responsibility for the integrity of the cargo and its timely delivery.

Freight forwarding of goods includes the acceptance of goods at the sender’s warehouse along with a package of accompanying documents, monitoring the condition of the goods during the movement and its delivery to the destination. It is the forwarder who bears full financial responsibility for the transported cargo along the entire route. Today, many companies providing transport services are ready to offer forwarding and cargo escorting services. Forwarding services, in addition to cargo insurance, make it possible for the cargo owner to receive an almost complete guarantee of the safety of the cargo at the time of its transportation.

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